The Ryan Kinkaid Mystery Series

For gay antique dealer, Ryan Kinkaid, winter starts off much colder than the low temperatures affecting his happy new life with Ty in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

Ryan can’t remain idle when his best friend, Jason Norkowski, is a suspect in the death of Grumman Myers, a wealthy art collector and philanthropist. From the start, the odds are stacked against his streetwise friend. Ryan is bent on proving that a Park Avenue socialite, the only other person in the Beacon Hill residence that night, is the true culprit. Unfortunately discovering her possible motive is like spotting a white rabbit in a snowstorm.

In this tale of unshakable friendship, Ryan must leave his beloved Ty and return to Manhattan to find answers. Time is of the essence as Ryan must, with the help of Lauren and Ty’s mother, untangle a web of lies and deception before his friend is charged with murder. That prospect alone comes close to destroying Jason and, in a fevered passion to prove Jason’s innocence, Ryan begins to unravel a history of betrayal, revenge, and greed that may prove to be his own undoing.