The Ryan Kinkaid Mystery Series

A peaceful Sunday morning is transformed for gay antique dealer, Ryan Kinkaid, when he reads a report in the local newspaper of a teenage boy found dead in a field a few miles away from the Portsmouth, New Hampshire home where he lives with his partner, Ty. It‘s not where the body was found that concerns Ryan. It was the boy’s mother’s fear that her son had been killed by a bully.

Bullied himself when he was younger, Ryan feels an obligation to stand up for the victim and find the killer, even though he had promised Ty last winter that he wouldn’t get involved in any more dangerous pursuits.  But his commitment falters when Andrew Colfax—Ty’s supervisor and a younger, extremely attractive man—causes Ryan to question his lover’s fidelity.

As this story unfolds and his initial assumptions are refuted, emotions that Ryan has long since suppressed return and force him to ask himself whose side he is on, the victim’s or the killer’s.