The Ryan Kinkaid Mystery Series

The adventure continues for gay antique dealer, Ryan Kinkaid, as he settles into his new life with his partner, Ty, in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

After he purchases a desk at a local estate sale, Ryan finds that he got more than just another antique to sell in his shop. In a sealed drawer of the disk, he finds an old diary with blood stains on the last written page. Against Ty’s better judgment, Ryan is determined to learn the truth behind the secret that the diary holds. Whose blood is on the last page? Is it the diary’s author or someone else’s? And is that person alive or dead.

In his pursuit of the answers, Ryan learns that politics does indeed make strange and twisted bedfellows. His concern is heightened when he learns that someone else is in search of the diary, someone he suspects wants to make sure that nothing is revealed this autumn or any other season. As Ryan explores the cracks in the foundation of a proud political family, Ty must reveal his own secret and come out to his family.

In this second tale of family secrets, the truth tests the morality of the members of a family, one of whom will even consider murder.