Ryan Kinkaid and his husband, Timothy York, witness a crime that others are quick to write off as an accident. Not surprisingly, Ryan can’t dismiss it so easily, even though the victim is someone he despises.

In this fifth Ryan Kinkaid adventure, summer has come again. Ryan is trying to stop thinking about the events of last spring and a diversion arrives when Lavinia Walsh-Preston, the older sister of Nicholas Walsh, comes back into his life – albeit briefly. With Ty’s help, they work together to discover the identity of the person who killed the cold-hearted woman by pushing her down a flight of stairs, with their only clue being the male voice they had previously heard speaking with her. Working under the radar at first, their pursuit quickly takes a new direction as the hunters become the prey.

Meredith and Lauren, Jason and Eric — even Brownie — are all here again, enhancing this tale

The Ryan Kinkaid Mystery Series